Contracting & Credentialing

Whether you are looking for the right payers with which to contract, credentialing application to develop or maintain or grow your network, we provide comprehensive and accurate physician, ancillary and hospital contracting and credentialing.
Our proprietary tools keep track of who needs credentialed while excelling at prioritizing those provider contracts that should be sought first.

Big Data? So What?

What good is “Big Data” if you can’t make any sense of it? Just because the go-live date of a giant new system is when the builders get paid, does that mean turning it on is the ultimate goal? Or is there more to “Big Data” than size and speed?

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A review of recent healthcare data breaches

“Data Breach”: The two words that can sink any healthcare organization. You may have noticed more stories about healthcare data breaches in the news. There are actually a lot of healthcare data breaches occurring (some estimates say at least one each day). It is important to keep in mind the

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