Data Governance

Our data governance solution is built to empower all your stakeholders, from business users to data managers to analysts, to trust and improve your enterprise’s core asset – Data. With a holistic approach to data governance, you have all the essential tools working together to provide you a ‘one stop’ solution to govern your critical data assets in a secure, easy to use application.

For Business Users and Data Managers
By capturing business & data knowledge in a readily accessible repository, our solution improves your business teams’ efficiency by eliminating data confusion, reducing time spent on search, data fixes and other repetitive data related activities. Whether you are starting on new data governance project or trying to improve an existing one, we have the right set of tools to help your efforts.

Easy to Manage
We provide data governance and business teams with a whole slew of customizable dashboards and mechanisms to quickly solve critical data issues.

Methodology Driven
We put together the industry’s best and sustainable data governance practices into a well-defined methodology that is both customizable and fast to implement. Using a step by step process, users can quickly go from defining data to implementing and improving quality, all in a short order.

Dashboards, Trends, Reports
Use our inbuilt data governance dashboards or customize as needed. Easily integrate your enterprise dashboard/reporting tool be it PowerBI, SSRS, Tableau or other web enabled tool. View, track and improve with data quality with DQ Trend and DQ Issue dashboards.

Big Data? So What?

What good is “Big Data” if you can’t make any sense of it? Just because the go-live date of a giant new system is when the builders get paid, does that mean turning it on is the ultimate goal? Or is there more to “Big Data” than size and speed?

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A review of recent healthcare data breaches

“Data Breach”: The two words that can sink any healthcare organization. You may have noticed more stories about healthcare data breaches in the news. There are actually a lot of healthcare data breaches occurring (some estimates say at least one each day). It is important to keep in mind the

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