Packaging and Design Services

You can have the most exciting product, service or technology in the world, but consumers will never know if it’s trapped inside a boring, uninspired box. Product packaging is about so much more than just protecting your product. It’s also about brand promotion and establishing quality and value. You communicate so much about your brand, product, service and technology through its packaging, and first impressions count. Our leading network of design experts is ready to create the exciting, attractive packaging that you need to be successful. Our flexible design services are available for both entrepreneurs and corporate clients. No matter what the needs of your design project, we’ve got you covered.

Big Data? So What?

What good is “Big Data” if you can’t make any sense of it? Just because the go-live date of a giant new system is when the builders get paid, does that mean turning it on is the ultimate goal? Or is there more to “Big Data” than size and speed?

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A review of recent healthcare data breaches

“Data Breach”: The two words that can sink any healthcare organization. You may have noticed more stories about healthcare data breaches in the news. There are actually a lot of healthcare data breaches occurring (some estimates say at least one each day). It is important to keep in mind the

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